We offer .tk .gq .ga .ml and .cf domains for free. Including 1 year of free Tokendns.

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Start using TokenDNS for free. No payment information is needed. Experience all features now. Explore and test our integration in your deployments.

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Implementing and learning a new API is always very time consuming and difficult.

At TokenDNS we took the time to create the easiest API to integrate. We focused on getting as much as possible automated. No one likes recurring tasks. Especially in larger environments.

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Got a backup server or a second data center? What happens if one fails?

With failover dns we check the availability of your service and in the worst case we switch the dns record to your secondary systems. Think about Pingdom and IFTTT - just more secure and saves you money.

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Ever wondered where that specific dns record came from? Is it important? Most of the time no one knows.

Just tag your record with a unique name and always know which record belongs to which project. Need all records with the same tag? No problem!

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Ever lost a domain or records? Too many cooks spoil the soup.

Don't loose the overview, instead be informed when something changes. Most dns problems take some time to be noticed. With our notification system you can reduce reaction time. We integrate with PagerDuty, Slack, PushOver, Messenger and many more.

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Webhooks are like notifications, but for computers. Need to update your system when the DNS changes?

As soon as a record or new domain is registered we send you a webhook. This helps you to automate your systems without running your own dns service.

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